Thursday, December 1, 2011

One More Month

At the beginning of 2011, I had many running/athletic goals that I wanted to accomplish this year. My personal favorite was the completion of my first sprint triathlon!

I finished and I won the post race eating contest! It's hard to tell in the picture, but there are two burritos under that banana! 

The goal that has so far eluded me all year, though, is the sub 2:00 half marathon. I trained last winter and spring to run the Oakland 1/2 Marathon, but injured myself shortly before the race, ran the race anyway, went out way too fast, then crashed and burned around mile 10. 

I was signed up for a 1/2 marathon in July, but my tri training took over my life, and I decided to pace a friend for her PR rather than shoot for my own. 

Then came marathon training and the Nike Women's marathon, leading me to December, and one final race to attempt my sub 2:00 goal for the year - The Zombie Runner Bay Trail Race.

I'm either going to kick some Zombie butt, or be a Zombie. Hope it's the first one!



  1. Thanks for the breakfast recommendations! I'll try them out ASAP :) Good luck with your half. I had a sub 2hr half as a 2011 goal, but had to move it to 2012 because of a knee injury. I'm finishing out the year with just some short stuff. I am planning to run Oakland again in 2012, as is nearly every Bay area runner/blogger I know :) Are you going to run it again?

  2. So glad you'll be running Oakland again, too! It should be a great time. Are you on twitter? There's a group of very active Bay area runners on twitter, and a lot of us meet up at races. You can also check out my post yesterday on CIM spectating to find links to a lot of other Bay area runner/bloggers on twitter. Good luck with the blogging and running, and again with the Zombie Runner Bay Trail race. Looks like a blast!