Thursday, December 8, 2011

Wanting it All

Over the past few days, I've been trying to plan my racing and training calendar for 2012. I'm also trying to avoid a situation in which I frequently find myself. I call it being a race junkie.

Usually, it starts with a well-intentioned post on Facebook about a really exciting upcoming race. Perhaps the medals are the size of your head, or there's a new course that's flat, fast and PR-friendly. Then, the comments begin. Friend after friend writes that they're registering for the race, that they're so excited, and that there will be costumes and parties and post race mimosas! Before long, there is the realization that every single runner-friend you have will be running this race, and you will be missing out if you don't sign up right this second.

And there is nothing wrong with that scenario. In fact, it is completely awesome and one of the things that I love about my running community. My problem is that it happens frequently, and I hate to miss out. I mean I really hate to miss out. And I love to run. When I combine the two, I end up with bunches and bunches of races on my calender. Which I also love. However, my wallet and the rest of my life really hate it.  Also, it gives me less time to focus on goals, and decreases the chance that I might reach those goals.

So I'm trying to be realistic. I'm trying to pick only the races that I really, really want to run and to have very specific goals that will be attached to those races. Of course, I've already registered for three half marathons in 2012: my hometown race, the race that sells out in three hours and the very fun race that all my friends will be running.  I have a spring marathon in mind for early May, and a New Year's Day 10K. 

I am not allowing myself to register for anything else that takes place before July. Is there a nicotine patch for race registrations???


  1. Thanks for the good luck wishes! I'm super nervous. I'm running Tracy and Oakland too! Love that about this bay area running community. Good luck with all your training!

  2. I have a special offer for you as part of enetering the Oakland Marathon giveaway. If you can email me (, I can send it to you. Or message me on twitter @pavementrunner